The eTrustMarketing Solution



A Trusted and Transparent, Best-Practices
Email Services Platform

eTrustMarketing controls a robust, best-practices Email Services Platform that was designed specifically for the list marketing community. With a powerful feature set and world-class analytics the platform offers the list owner the first-ever Secure Owner Gateway™.


. . . Combined with a Trusted
Transaction Management Platform

eTrustMarketing controls the most trusted and secure list transaction system in the list marketing industry. Combined with our Email Services Platform and the Secure Owner Gateway™, you are assured of private and well-managed list rental, exchange and reciprocal transactions.


. . . Managed by a Team of
List Industry Veterans

Technology is important but the “Secret Sauce” in the eTrustMarketing proposition is the the senior management team. As list industry veterans ourselves, we understand the challenges you face. That is why we have come together to offer you our new digital list marketing solution.

Means a safe and trustworthy solution for the management of your digital list assets.

The eTrustMarketing Advantages


  • All transactions and broadcasts are handled thru eTrustMarketing’s “Secure Owner Gateway™ so, your data is never in the hands of the mailer or broker/agent. Your list data is protected.
  • All files are automatically cleansed for non-deliverables for maximum deliverability and reputation management using eTrustMarketing’s proprietary “CleanE” data hygiene technology including the use of our Global Opt-Out Database.
  • Because all parties have secured and auditable access to campaign results, you can now to generate new list rental revenue based on email names delivered PLUS: Clicked Links, Triggered Automated Messaging, Forward Requests, Social Media Engagement and Mobile Text.



  • Eliminate all risk to the reputation of your own internal Email Services Platforms § Take advantage of eTrustMarketing’s unique broadcasting platform with true-marketers feature set (A-B split tests, merge/purge, list segmentation, etc.) for your own internal campaigns.
  • Run your opt-in campaigns through the eTrustMarketing platform which can automatically track, capture and transfers opt-ins, opens and clicks to your internal systems via API. 
  • Be more productive with less hassle and let the eTrustMarketing team with hundreds of strong relationships with mailers, owners, brokers and managers facilitate more useful and strategic exchanges reciprocals and sponsored email campaigns.

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Introducing the eTrustNetwork...
The New Standard of Best-Practices 


eTrust Network Marketers are:

- Trusted brands that promote offers of value to email recipients

- Follow best practices in electronic communications, compliance and data hygiene

- Are committed to transparency in their communications and transactions with all  parties

- Operate to the DMA Code of Ethics Standard

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